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The SPSIM Key Organized Simulated Clinical Experience (K-OSCE) is an adaptation of small group conference formats for SPSIM. Its didactic means are direct interaction between facilitator and audience and their practical involvement. Unlike with conventional keynote talks, the K-OSCE presenters will facilitate a 45-minute hands-on simulation workshop, four times, for a fourth of the conference attendees at a time, distributed over the two days of the conference. By and by, participants will thus pass through all four stations and learn about innovative approaches to simulation, facilitated by international experts.

This way of delivering key inputs should not only enable more involvement and activation from the attendees’ side but also be more rewarding for the facilitator, presenting four variations on their theme and meeting four different smaller groups, each with their own interests and questions. The scientific committee acknowledges this format also poses its own didactic challenges. We are glad to have chosen a didactic approach to the keynotes that is true to the conference motto: bridging the gap, venturing into the unknown.

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  • Abstract Workshop I:
    Challenges in the implementation and execution of interprofessional simulationbased training in acute medical settings: What can we learn from each other?
  • Abstract Workshop II:
    The Use of Standardised Patients (SPs), for the Simulation of Psychosomatic Complaints during Burnout, when Training Nursing Students
    Note: This workshop will be held in German.