Goals of WITH-simulation


Definition inter professionalism: several professional groups have proven themselves together for the best possible health care.


Efficient Healthcare

Mission Statement:

Health care professionals work in an inter professional manner in their respective health care environment using best practice. A fixed part of the professional health care education and practice is taught in an inter professional manner in different ways incl. simulation.

Simulations as support for skills trainings, in communication trainings up to complex team trainings in highly dynamic areas of health care are in under-, post-, and continuing education an indispensable necessity and superior in some areas of traditional teaching. Formats range from the training of technical skills (“skills”) over scenarios with simulated patients (“SP”), combined hybrid simulations to scenarios with sophisticated simulators (“manikins”).

The planning of an interinstitutional, interprofessional Skills- and simulation centre offers the opportunity to strengthen this kind of instruction and to provide a stable and promising basis.

The development of a Swiss Competence Centre is useful for the development of trainers (Faculty Development), standard-setting and quality control of teaching with simulations. In addition, the creation of a common Skills- and simulation centre has national character model and takes into account that it is financially and practically not long-term feasible to set up several institutional centres associated with a high standard and to maintain them.

If it were possible to establish an interdisciplinary centre, it would also strengthen inter-institutional and inter-professional collaboration. Existing inter professional and peer teaching activities could be organized there and could be bundled with the inclusion of existing resources there.