Project Address

Dr. med. Kai Schnabel, MME,
Institute of Medical Education IML
Department of Education and Media (AUM)
University of Bern
Konsumstr. 13
3010 Bern



Extended national project team

Dr. Monika Brodmann, MME, SASH
Prof. Dr. phil. Cornelia Oertle, MHA, BFH
Dr. Stefan Gisin, Swiss Center for Medical Simulation, University of Basel, SESAM
Prof. Dr. phil. Sissel Guttormsen, IML, University of Bern
Peter Marbet, BZP
Sibylle Matt, BFH
Prof. Theresa Scherer, MME, BFH
Claudia Schlegel, MME, BZP
Dr. med. Kai Schnabel, MME, Head of AUM, IML, University of Bern